For those restless teething nights….

I can only imagine what it must feel like to have beautiful empty gums… and then BAM! – Teeth start sprouting up. Yikes. The thought of something sharp emerging through the gums, breaking through and then the even wider part pushing up…. how painful is that?!

So I guess we shouldn’t blame our little ones for keeping us up at night during those teething pains… However, we can try to best arm ourselves to maintain our own sanity and rest right?

I was fortunate with V, she went through teething like a champ up until her bigger molars came in at 2yrs old. Back then, I used Orajel teething gel with her… which honestly, I don’t think did much compared to the products I used during round 2 with baby K.

Fast forward a couple years, and add a baby that had a harder time with teething. I was definitely on the hunt for something that worked! This time I used Hyland’s Teething Tablets. Worked great and I loved that it was natural. Fortunately, by time I needed them, new ones were out on the shelf (they had a short recall). I also went browsing online and came across something that I liked even better!! Natrabio Teething Drops! Godsend! Everytime K woke up at all in the middle of the night, it was so easy to reach for the bottle and put a drop in his mouth. I swear that most of the time, he just laid back down and went to sleep. There were times that he might not have even been teething, when I gave him a drop and he just laid right back down again! I don’t know… but it had this amazing instant soothing effect.

My first choice was to reach for the drops, but there were some nights tougher than others, and I would alternate between the tablets and the drops.

Both the Hylands and Natrabio I purchased mostly from When they had a “green & natural” sale – it was 30% off, so I stocked up… plus accessed the site through first to get an additional 5-12% cashback. whoooohoooo.

During the daytime, it was much more tolerable and I’d keep my kids busy chomping on teething toys. Both my kids loved the ones that were ice cold (particularly the Munchkin one shaped like a hand – probably because the fingers were small to chomp on).


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