Am I the only person who didn’t know what Hullabaloo was? Oops. Yes. I am THAT parent. And yes. I only play EDM from SiriusXM in the car. Whoops.

Turns out Hullabaloo is a nice twist on all the timeless children’s songs we remember. Steve Denyes was performing today at a local library that we were at this morning. Talented musician and yes, I would have to say that the songs were entertaining for the parent as well. The last song of the performance was “You are my sunshine”, which was great because it is my lil’ man’s favorite. I only had the lil guy with me and he was kind of half into it – more so observing everything that was going on rather than clapping his hands and singing or dancing along. I think had my 4-yr-old been there, she would have thoroughly enjoyed it because she knows more of the songs and loves to sing. Fortunately, we were there early and got some front row seats because man it was PACKED by the time it started!


Hullabaloo performs all around town all the time, so perhaps I’ll take my daughter to catch a showing sometime.


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