My mini ball & chain

Ever try to get stuff done, and then you look down only to have your kid clinging to your leg like a ball and chain? Or is it more like the static cling on your skirt that you can’t get rid of?

Yup. That was me yesterday. I don’t know what it is… but when mommy gets home… some sort of switch gets flipped and all of the sudden, the clingy, whiney, cry babies come out. My nanny says they are never like that with her in the afternoons. But I got home from work at 4pm, just as they were both getting up from nap and BAM! – cue the ball and chain.

Slowly you see my nanny and my mom make a run for the front door. Leaving me to sit there as the two kids are tugging on both sides of me. Seriously, they were fighting with each other about who could lay on mommy’s chest…. and for some reason couldn’t manage to both take a half and call it a day. Instead they bickered at who was in a more comfortable position. Really?

I found myself just laying there, staring off into the room…. kinda lifeless…. turning myself in a human beanbag for them to fight over cuddling with. *sigh*

Not sure why they were so clingy yesterday. Shorted nap? Missed me from being at work for my oh-so-long 4 hour shift? I don’t know. Maybe they were used to hanging out with me all day every day over the recent 4-day holiday weekend. Whatever it was… it was annoying. Yup. Annoying. I said it. I love my kids, but really – loosen up the chain. Work seemed like a more appealing place to be at that moment.

I had to create a label for entries like this because as any mother… well, any human in fact, will have their moments where they just need to gripe. I only hope that the entries in this area are few and the amazingly wonderful parenting entries are plenty.


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