Here it is! The infamous DIAPER COUNT!

Outside of the breast pumping stuff, this is probably my second most requested info:The Diaper Count.

Now of course, this totally varies with every child… but it still serves as a nice ballpark for stocking. You can always re-gift or sell any unused new boxes later anyways.

When buying diapers this second time around, I really liked purchasing from Target! Many times they were on clearance for 15% off. Or they had deals where you can get gift cards with purchase. also sometimes has “Target” coupons that can stack with “Manufacturer” coupons. Add on the 5% Target RedCard discount… and its a pretty good deal. I also did some of that subscribe & save with… but it was much nicer when it was no-tax. *sigh* To give you an idea of whether or not you are getting a deal on your diaper buying, Southern Savers suggest the following pricing per diaper:

Newborn: 13¢ – 16¢
Size 1: 11¢ – 14¢
Size 2: 14¢ – 16¢
Size 3: 16¢ – 19¢
Size 4: 19¢ – 22¢
Size 5: 22¢ – 26¢
Size 6: 26¢ – 30¢

Ok… the moment you’ve been waiting for…. here are the numbers:

Newborn = 40

Size 1 = 612 (used in Month 1+2)

Size 2 = 688 (used in Month 3+4)

Size 2-3 = 144 (used in Month 5 – Note: this was when I had my daughter and I was using Pampers

Swaddlers at the time and they had a size 2-3)

Size 3 = 1462 (used in Months 5-10)

Size 4 = A TON!!!! This size was used from Month 11 up until I potty trained at Month 22!

Note: The numbers above were from my daughter – born 7lbs4oz… but definitely a chunky baby. She had huge thunder thighs.

For my son – who was born 7lbs5oz, his body shape was different….he was solid meat but not so chunky in the waste/thigh area…. But you can see that the total number of diapers used in that first three sizes were very close. His initial numbers were:

Newborn = 280

Size 1 = 505

Size 2 = 512


Tip for getting more diapers? – Hold a DIAPER RAFFLE at your Baby Shower! Make it a worthwhile prize (one that men and women would appreciate)…. I must have gotten like 1000 count worth of diapers at ours. whooooo!


You may have noticed that I’m a Huggies mom. Well, I wasn’t always. With #1, I was all Pampers! All the way! In loved with Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive, then progressed to the Pampers Cruisers. BUT!!!! Sometime around the beginning of 2010, there was apparently some sort of “switch” in the design. Unfortunately, that was the end of my Pampers loyalty. I won’t go into tons of detail about it here, but you can check the Facebook group page that I was following at the time:

I switched to Huggies after that and been with them ever since. Preferably Snugglers and then Little Movers, Overnights, and Pull-ups.


8 thoughts on “Here it is! The infamous DIAPER COUNT!

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  2. Wow! I was too tired to count diapers–good for you! Maybe it was because of having twins when baby #1 was 17 months old, and then another baby when the twins were 26 months. It’s all good, we have a beautiful family, but I do know that I was tired. 🙂

  3. This is awesome. We just found out last night I’m one month and five days along. We are going to start stocking up in the next couple months. Thank you for this. This is going to be so helpful.

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