Mood: Excited. Thoughts: Where to start?

I’m actually feeling pretty excited about my new blogging venture. Gosh I feel that so much goes on in my tiny big brain, that this may just be the perfect outlet for my ramblings.


Where do I even start? I will need to go home and sort through my various notes stashed away on my harddrive. There’s my suggested registry list, my whole email on pumping breastmilk, color-coded excel spreadsheets of the kids daily schedules (and how they evolved over the course of 18 months), my method for organizing frozen breastmilk, oh – and let’s not forget my suggested diaper count! I’m going to have to spread it out somehow, otherwise my neurotic self will stay up all night getting all this onto my blog in 24 hours (and I totally would do it!)


Since I just spent ALL of last week potty training K. I think that’s where I will start, since it was the most current thing happening in my neurotic parenting life. Yes. That’s what I will start at. Everyone’s favorite thing to do: Potty Train. And if you are anything like me, you will want to get it done as quickly and painlessly as possible.


If there is ever a topic that you have come across and wonder what experience or input I may have on it… leave a comment. I’m always open to topics to ramble about! I could talk/type foreverrrrrr.


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