A place to feed my soul ey?

Well, today is a day of firsts! I’ve never blogged before in my entire life (“entire” makes me swear like I’m old or something). It never really dawned on me to do it surprisingly – even though I love to write and am constantly in thought about something or another anyways. But I guess there is no better time to start something than NOW.

So here I am. What brings me here? Well… my therapist (yes, I see a therapist and recommend that everyone try it at least once in their lives – it doesn’t mean you are crazy, although we all have a little crazy in us) has recently suggested to me that I should find something to do that “feeds my soul”.  It started when I found myself so deeply entrenched in a robotic, yet fast-paced moving life – that if I were to stop for a second, I’d realize that its basically passing me by. What was I doing for myself? What was I personally getting from anything anymore? I’m basically in a rut, surrounded by the so many obligations that life asks of me.  So I dwelled on the concept of “filling my cup” with something that could be somewhat therapeutic for me. But for a person who doesn’t like to exercise, doesn’t like to cook, isn’t musical, and already super busy as it is… what could I possibly do. I took to the masses of my Facebook peoples and asked people for suggestions….. and someone suggested a mom blog (Thanks Norma!)

Anyhow… there are a gazillion mom blogs out there! And it was nice to see a good number of blogs related to neurotic, analytical, overthinking mom’s like me. But I just couldn’t find anything that was MY kind of neurotic. So what will make this different? Well, anyone who knows me well enough… knows that I am a neurotic planner. I plan, log, color-code, and take diligent notes. Why? Because that’s how I function and its actually what keeps me sane.

I’ve gotten multiple requests from friends and colleagues who inquire about my methods for various parenting issues. I’ve consulted with others on sleep training because I am so very rigid about scheduling. So it dawned on me to perhaps put this all in one place for all to access and hopefully I can lighten up some of the underlying neurotic mommisms in others.

At this time, my daughter (V) is 4 and my lil’ man (K) is soon to be 2! I think this will be a nice outlet for me as I have just passed the “infant” hump of parenting and moving into the next stage. I DO (of course I do because I keep diligent notes of everything) still have lots of my notes related to items that take place in the first 2 years… so I will be posting them as I go along. I’ll probably do them sooner than later because I have some people who are knocked up right now and want to get their reading and research on!

I hope that those who stumble across this blog will find something of use for their own neurotic parenting lives.


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